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The Proof Is In The Pudding

We all know that when it comes to making choices in life, we tend to seek the advice of others. I know that when I am looking to make a big purchase, I want to know how others who have made a similar purchase feel about their decisions. Just think about how often you lean on the advice of your peers when it comes to making choices. That's why today I am not telling you why you should choose me as your business coach of choice but letting the words of past and present clients speak for themselves.

Dave Roby is an exceptionally disciplined, informed, and creative associate for Private

Equity placement projects. I have worked with Dave on several different projects in the

Medical Technology, Banking and Finance, and Commercial Property Development

Industries. Dave has a fast and keen ability to comprehend opportunities, requirements,

and to establish action plans to get things done. The fearless attitude, relentless energy,

common-sense analysis, and practical rationale in addressing negotiable issues have

proven him to be a respected and valuable part of the projects that we have

successfully worked on together. If you are seeking success through opportunity

analysis and planning, an extended network of contacts, effective marketing, a sounding

board that resonates ideas with energy, or any other services, Dave Roby will deliver

beyond your expectations.

- Steve Clute: Strategic Analyst, Innovator, Founder, Connecter, Leader,

If you have issues in your business with low productivity, poor engagement, high

employee churn, losing customers, lack of direction or any other issue then I strongly

recommend Dave.

One word of warning though, as an owner or leader in a business you had better be

prepared for the whirlwind that is about to hit you! Dave quickly cuts through BS to

expose the root cause of the problems in any organization. If the root cause is your

personal management and leadership style then he won’t hesitate to hold up the mirror

to you personally.

Reach out to Dave if you genuinely want to improve your business and you are prepared

to take final responsibility for everything that needs to be fixed. Reach out to Dave if you

are ready for the personal sacrifice and discomfort that will be required to fix your

problems. Reach out to Dave if you have the personal humility to take and act on sound

advice. Reach out to Dave when you are ready for the journey of a lifetime!

Don’t reach out to Dave if you are happy with the status-quo; or if you believe the issues

in your business are caused by anybody other than you; or if you believe the coach can

come in and fix the problems with you watching from the side-lines. If you are not

prepared for a rocky ride, then don’t waste Dave’s time!

I have worked with Dave the past year and I can honestly say that he is a genuine

pleasure to work with – he is readily available and responds extremely quickly and he

will always go the extra mile with his advice and personal support.

I cannot recommend Dave highly enough.

- Tim Smith: Packaging Industry Client

Dave Roby - We Focus On The People, The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself.

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