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A Day In The Life Of This Business Coach

As a business coach, no two days are ever the same. The businesses I work with vary in size, industry, and turnover.

One might wonder, how can one-person coach in such diverse environments? Well, that is what I am here to share with you today.

The basic premise I follow for all my clients is that this is a “WE” sport.

I am not interested in brushing up my resume. I am interested in creating an inspired and WINNING culture where people are shown how they can do more than they ever dreamed possible.

Some coaches, I am told, work only from the boardroom. I think this is a huge mistake and I cannot fathom working just from the ivory tower. I believe this can cause more harm than good. I typically like to engage as many team members as possible early on in one-to-one sessions to get a true feel for the current business and equally importantly where it can go.

At the end of the one-to-one sessions, I ask the team member to give me statements that respond to the notion of “If I were running this company...I would….” I am always amazed at how many ideas are generated by the team members “doing the work” and how they genuinely want to be heard and for their ideas considered.

Once the ideas are submitted, I work with the leadership team to address each idea on its own merits. Some ideas are outstanding, and some are not likely to see the light of day. The point here is that if you engage your team in how we, AS A TEAM, can improve the company - WE ALL WIN. That can be in the form of predictable steady employment; it can be increased merit pay and it can mean monthly and year-end bonuses - WHEN THE COMPANY WINS, WE ALL WIN is my mantra!

I’d like to share an example of how focusing on “In What Way Can We Improve (IWWCWI)” with a story:

Company A was going along fairly well yet had implemented an ERP system that wasn’t right nor keeping them informed in a timely fashion. It appeared from the input of the team as well as a situational analysis that the company was becoming ‘stale!’ After much discussion, collectively we decided to switch two brothers/owners around. The MD would become the Sales Manager and the Sales Manager would become the MD. Both brothers knew something had to change and this brought a new perspective to both positions. We took it a step further and questioned everything.

In his new position, the MD was at a bit of a loss. You see, he always worked on new deals, new ideas, and new sales strategies that he either learned through a seminar or read about.

His day was filled with action. Once he assumed the role of MD, he wasn’t sure how to go from action orientation to strategic orientation - he is an action guy!

Having assessed his great talent for unearthing possibilities, we gave him the assignment/project of looking at In What Way Can We Improve (IWWCWI) and his first assignment was to go into purchasing/distribution and come up with innovative ideas. That was his sole task for 30 days.

The results have been nothing short of outstanding. Taking a distribution function and working with his operations manager, they were able to reduce expenditures by 8%-12% per month (recurring) without any sacrifice in quality or Net Promoter Score.

In purchasing, he worked with his purchasing team and has been able to negotiate over £100K in new rebates and reduced their top three SKU’s by 5% on an annual costs basis. All of which goes to the bottom line.

There have been many other action items undertaken by this company with their coach's guidance that has produced sustainable positive results.

With finally being able to get Management Accounts accurate and delivered by the 7th working day, this company has gone from a loss in the previous quarter to a double-digit (percentage) net profit and has sustained it over two years.

Although growing the turnover line is much sexier to talk about, putting in sustainable good business practices early on will help make the growth all that more profitable and sustainable.

If you are willing to question everything, are open to best practices from both within your industry and from the outside, and are willing to make timely bold decisions, coaching can produce outstanding and sustainable results for you and your team.

Dave Roby - We Focus On The People, The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself.

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