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Why are you settling for mediocrity?

So you woke up this morning, not quite “feeling it” and you know it is that time of the month that you need to review the financials with your team. The results aren’t bad but they lag way behind what your target is.

What the heck happened? How did we get this far behind our target when we used the best methods we know to put our budget together.

Sure we have some ‘newbies’ and the market has begun to change to a post-pandemic approach yet, dang, we should be meeting or exceeding target.

What to do?

As President/Managing Director, you can sit through the endless meetings and listen to all of the reasons (excuses) that you aren’t on target and can empathize with each division head.

You can get angry at the sales team leaders for not doing enough to hit target.

You can suggest you reduce the target to something that you can easily hit and still stay in business.

You can accept mediocrity, and continue your sleepless nights not knowing what to do to get back on track.

Instead, why not either have a facilitator for an offsite planning session or do it yourself?

Hitting targets is a science. You can examine your SWOT briefly, your offering, and list all of the reasons you are not hitting the target and then you can lay out detailed plans of action to get back to where you need to be. Obviously, accountability for the actions needs to be a key element of your plan. DO IT NOW!

For this session, become emotionally detached. Look at the facts. The effort. Are the right people in the key roles? Do we need more resources? Are you as aggressive as you need to be? Is your marketing producing results? Are you delivering on your promise to your customers? Have you determined what the consequences will be if this run rate continues?

A serious review of the plan should be undertaken ASAP. Develop a turnaround strategy that will be hard-hitting and results-oriented.

Why settle. LEAD!

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